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Our story

The coronavirus has spread all over the world at a rapid pace. Disbelief, fear and uncertainty engulf many companies. This was also the case for Xavier de Vil, founder of POMAX. Together with his son Charles they responded to the shortage of secure protective equipment. They contacted their extensive network of suppliers to help. And soon they launched a brand new webshop called ProMasks.

ProMasks wants to help people to be able to return to their daily lives in a safe and protected way. The coronavirus has already implied many changes and it will still change towards the future. Think of your social contacts, going to a cafe or restaurant or a trip abroad. The measures can last for months or even years. In short: we have to prepare and adapt well. ProMasks is happy to help with the necessary tools, so that we can all feel a bit safer in our living environment.

We protect you, you protect us!

The ProMasks team launched their webshop so that people and companies are able to order products quickly and easily. All products meet high quality standards and are provided with the necessary certificates and standards.

In our catalogue you can find:

  • Mouth masks: both cotton and disposable masks
  • Hand Sanitizers
  • Infrared thermometers
  • Vinyl gloves
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