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Mouth Masks

Even though they currently appear to be a "necessary evil", mouth masks are very effective in the fight against corona. Not only do they protect other people from your bacteria, the same goes in the opposite direction. Protect yourself and others with our comfortable top quality mouth masks.

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A thermometer tells you in an instant whether someone has a fever. This handy device is therefore an absolute must-have in these times, Especially now that "normal" life is slowly starting to get going again. Have a look at our current offer.

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Hand Sanitizers

No water or soap nearby? Thanks to our hand sanitizers you can hygienically clean and disinfect your hands anywhere at any time. Regardless of the current times, it is a convenience to always have in your pocket. Available in different formulas and sizes.

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Vinyl Gloves

A pair of gloves provides yet another layer of protection between you and the outside world. Handy when you go shopping and have to touch multiple objects. With a pair of gloves on, you can safely go out and about.

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Packs based on your needs

We have put together different packs that contains all the necessities to overcome this situation. 

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