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As a member of an association you are always in contact with others. And parents entrust their children to you. Provide a safe environment.

Our packs for associations

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Our kits for the catering industry guarantees a safe feeling for both your staff and your customers. With the re-opening of the catering industry the number of reservations are growing again. But caution remains the main priority. Provide your business from head to toe with all necessary safety measures with our kits.

Our Packs for CHR


Finally we can enjoy a safe visit from our (grand)children. Thanks to our healthcare-packs designed for the different Healthcare branches.

Our Packs For Healthcare


Our economy is finally rebooting and offices are opening up again. Have you already provided your company with the necessary precautions?

Our Packs For Professionals


Safety on the playground, in the classroom and in and around the school. Our packs are specially designed to fit your school organization.

Our Packs For Schools

Are our bundles not meeting your expectations?