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What does the Centex label mean?

Posted by Charles De Vil on
What does the Centex label mean?

You may have noticed that each of our cotton mouth masks are labeled with "centexbel approved". Sounds promising, and it is. But what does it mean exactly? We are happy to clarify.

The Centex-label was recently created by the Belgian company Centexbel. In response to the oversupply of mouth masks due to corona, Centexbel decided to conduct a number of standardized tests to verify the quality of mouth masks. The result of this research is the performance certificate "COVID-19 - Approved by Centexbel". With this label, Centexbel wants to distinguish safe mouth masks from less safe alternatives, and thus give support to the right companies in their efforts.

Centexbel is the ideal authority to perform these tests. They are specialized in testing and analyzing textiles and raw materials. They perform their tests as an independent and accredited laboratory with the safety, health and well-being of the consumer as absolute priority. Each and every one of these values are echoed by ProMasks; it was therefore a logical choice to have our cotton mouth masks tested by Centexbel.

Now, you probably still wonder: what exactly do these tests entail? The only proper way to measure the actual degree of barrier effect of a mouth mask is to test the material based on different parameters in a standardized test procedure under laboratory conditions. For example, the masks are checked by Centexbel for domestic or industrial washing and tumble drying, air permeability and filter fractional efficiency. After all, mouth masks are designed to minimize the passage of saliva and protect the people - and surfaces - around you. If a mouth mask passes these different procedures, it is rewarded with the certificate.

The certification is based on formalized conditions and criteria in Belgium. So you can be sure that the mouth masks that are rewarded with the Centex label are made of the best materials and offer the best quality. Just like the cotton mouth masks from ProMasks. Our masks were tested and the results were even top of class: they filter a lot better than the minimum requirements to meet the label. 

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