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This is what our summer 2020 looks like

Posted by Charles De Vil on
This is what our summer 2020 looks like

Phase 4 of the corona exit strategy has officially started on 1 July. This new phase brings a lot of new updates, which makes our summer look a bit more attractive again. We have listed the most important new measures for you.


1) More people are allowed in your social bubble

Bit by bit we are allowed to expand our bubble. In phase 4, 15 is the new magic number. You can now meet up with 15 people every week, and no, that does not always have to be the same. Hello social life, nice to see you again!

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2) We can go back to the amusement parks, swimming pools, cinema, ...

Right in time for summer, the following public activities may reopen: theme parks, swimming pools, cinemas, indoor playgrounds, gaming halls, wellness centers, banquet halls, receptions, convention halls and casinos. Discotheques and nightclubs are not allowed to restart their activities for the time being.

There is a maximum capacity limit of 50 people, as well as a mandatory compliance with the following safety measures: distance, time slots, crowd management and thorough hygiene.

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3) Certain events can take place

Finally, the event sector can breathe again: from 1 July, indoor events with a maximum of 200 people are allowed. If it concerns an outdoor event, the counter may count a maximum of 400 people.

It goes without saying that the safety measures during these events must still be respected. For example, they will have to comply with an extensive, binding checklist. If people follow these rules and the health situation allows it, the capacity limit will be expanded in August to 400 attendees indoors and 800 outdoors.

As far as public markets are concerned, the restrictions have disappeared. Now more than 50 stalls are allowed again. You can also eat and drink again, provided that you have sufficient hygiene.


4) You no longer have to go to the store alone

We can take someone with us when we go to shops. We can also take our time, the limit of 30 minutes has been removed. However, the social distance rule still has to be respected in the shops.


5) The closing time of the catering industry remains the same

During the summer, the cafes and restaurants will still have to close their doors at 1 a.m. at the latest.

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6) Mouth masks are mandatory

It is now also mandatory to wear masks in shops and shopping centers and other indoor areas where people gather. Be sure to stick to this rule, because those who do not wear a face mask risk a fine of 250 euros and this can amount to 4000 euros and / or jail sentences of up to 3 months.

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