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How to prepare for your 2020 summer camp?

Posted by Yannick Devits on
How to prepare for your 2020 summer camp?

During the press conference on May 22, the government announced that summer camps can take place this year! Youth associations across the country sighed with relief: after months of inactivity and bad news, they finally have something to look forward to. Organizing a summer camp this year will of course require some extra effort. What do you have to meet to ensure that your summer camp continues as smoothly as possible? We are happy to summarize the most important points for you.


1) Limited contact bubbles of maximum 50 people

A contact bubble may consist of a maximum of 50 people, including leadership, and remain the same throughout the summer camp. Within a contact bubble it's not necessary to stick to one and a half meters or to wear mouth masks. So the typical activities can still continue. So let's go for a fun summer full of games.


2) No contact between bubbles

Contact with other bubbles should be avoided as much as possible. Sleeping and eating must therefore be done separately. Even if you share the same camp site, contact may only take place if necessary. For example, only two leaders from different bubbles may meet under the following conditions: meet in the open air, keep as much distance as possible, wear a mask and wash / disinfect your hands before and after the meeting. The cooking team forms a seperate bubble. When they are serving food, they have to wear mouth masks and regularly wash / disinfect their hands. The adults who drop off or pick up their children from the camp are also required to wear mouth masks.


3) Inform yourself well and provide an emergency plan

All the rules were summarized by the Ambrassade, the agency for young affairs, in a handy document with several attachments. They also drew up a sophisticated guide to an emergency plan, because what if one of your members or management suddenly falls ill? It is best to determine a plan in advance. For all detailed information about this, you can visit the website of the Ambrassade.


4) Take enough protective material with you

Although it is not necessary to adhere to the social distancing rules within your own bubble, there is a good chance that you as a leader will have to come into contact with another bubble. The Back-to-Camp pack from ProMasks is happy to provide your association with all essential protection measures. Bring confidence to your members and their families with all these amenities and have a carefree summer!

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The ProMasks Back-to-Camp pack provides your association with all essential protection measures.

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