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How do I ensure that I can see my grandchildren safely?

Posted by Charles De Vil on
How do I ensure that I can see my grandchildren safely?

It became very clear that our older generation are the most vulnerable in this pandemic. It’s a logical result that this risk group has become extra careful during these recent months. Now that our bubbles are getting bigger and most grandparents are allowed to see their grandchildren again, they still have a few questions. How do you ensure that the happy moment of the reunion runs as safely as possible?

Even though the bubble continues to expand and regular reunions are possible, we still have to keep in mind the differences between our age groups. Because children can show little to no symptoms of the coronavirus, but they can still infect you.. It is therefore recommended to maintain a certain degree of caution.

Continue to watch out for risk groups

There are, however, some conditions attached to the easing of grandparents. For example, if the grandmother and grandfather in question belong to a risk group - above the age of 65 or with a serious medical condition - close contact with children is not recommended. In that case you can meet in the open air or in a well-ventilated room, using the necessary safety measures such as distance, a mouth mask and good hand hygiene. After all, it is and remains important to properly protect the risk groups.

What about childcare and sleepovers?

Grandparents are back allowed to take care of their grandchildren. Although there are some points of advice to take into account. The grandparents are preferably younger than 65 and in good health. If they belong to a risk group or if they are the caregivers for another elderly person, taking care of your grandchildren is still not recommended. The discussion about "sleepovers" is a more difficult one, as it really involves a lot of contact. Here, virologists recommend using common sense.

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