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Everything you need to know about hand gel: a pump or cap system?

Posted by Charles De Vil on
Everything you need to know about hand gel: a pump or cap system?

Since the beginning of the global corona outbreak, face masks and hand gels have become a daily reality for us all. Although we still need to adapt, we are getting more and more accustomed to 2020’s life. This is also the case with the view of a bottle of disinfectant hand gel at the entrance of shops and public places. You can find them in different versions, often with a cap or with a pump system, but is there any difference in efficiency when it comes to hand gel?

To disinfect thoroughly, a hand gel should contain at least 70% alcohol. Alcohol causes the cell membranes of micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses to become inactive. So if you are not near soap and water, disinfecting with hygienic hand gel is a good alternative.

Note: you must give the alcohol in the hand gel enough time to work. That’s why it’s best to keep rubbing your hands until they feel dry again. Are your hands really dirty or greasy? Then only using a hand gel is not enough to get rid of all bacteria.

Alright, let’s keep those hands clean! But is there any difference in efficiency and the type of system you use for dispensing a hand gel? For example, we see businesses investing in a touchless dispenser to put at their entrance. This system avoids any form of touch, but it’s also a lot more expensive. More budget-friendly solutions are bottles with a pump system or a cap. Although many people question this because you have to come into contact with the bottle itself, just like many customers who are using it before and after you... Don't the bacteria just pile up on the bottle?

The answer is simple: yes, some bacteria will accumulate on the cap or pump, but that doesn't really matter at all. That is exactly the point of a good hand gel: the bacteria are immediately killed and inactive. There is absolutely no difference in efficiency between all the different possible systems, since they all just do the same job. So whichever system you choose for, as long as it contains at least 70% alcohol, you are completely fine.

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