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Back to work by public transport: how to do it

Posted by Charles De Vil on
Back to work by public transport: how to do it

Now that the government has made the measures less strict, people are returning back to the office. For some, this means taking public transportation again. How can you make this daily journey to work as safe as possible in times of corona?

1) Provide yourself with the right protection, such as with our On-The-Go Safety kit

Since 4 May, people older than 12 years old are obligated to wear a mask when using public transport. Be sure to stick to this rule because Securail and the police regularly carry out controls. Also make sure you always have hand gel or hydroalcoholic gel in your pocket. If you accidentally touch your mouth mask or any surface inside the station or vehicle, then you have to be able to disinfect your hands immediately.

2) Respect the holy “one and a half meters”

This goes without saying, but we cannot repeat it enough. Try to respect the distance of 1,5 meters and choose a place far enough away from your fellow commuters. This can be a bit tricky during peak hours on public transport, so try to avoid the busiest times if possible. Flexible or staggered hours are also a smart way to have fewer people on the work floor at the same time. If your employer is open to this, you can try to make clear agreements about this. If you are forced to take public transport during peak hours, always make sure to wear a cotton mask or disposable mouth mask.

3) Frequently wash your hands

Wash your hands at home before putting on your face mask and after taking off your mouth mask at work. The same goes, in the reverse direction, at the end of the working day.

4) Avoid personal contact

When working on a particular floor, it is always tempting to take the elevator. But in times of corona, it’s not recommended to be close to each other and to touch the same buttons. If possible, try to take the stairs. Or if you need to be present at a meeting with colleagues or customers, don’t give them a kiss or a handshake.

5) Speak to your employer if you don’t feel safe

Telework is still recommended as much as possible, so if your employer expects you to return to work, you can certainly expect them to take the necessary measures. They are obliged to do so by law. If they fail to do so, they risk severe sanctions. we also have specialized packs for companies. If needed, you can give your employer the following link:

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